Monthly Archives: January 2013

Schlepping through the snow

When I can finally prize myself away from my 2013 Playlist through my headphones I’ll get on the road and jaunt across to Sheffield. Quite quickly this year I’ve amassed a collection of songs in this playlist that are truly awesome. From older numbers like Heavy Cross by the Gossip, Grimes’ new material, Rosabella Gregory who I’d heard on Bob Harris recently, lots of reccomendations off Guy Garvey’s 6Music show and much more. It’s been a strong start to the year in terms of musical discovery.

The question that remains is what to put on in the car… Unfortunately due to the closure of the Snake/Woodhead Pass heading to Sheffield I’m going to have to take the motorway, which will require my phone to act as a sat nav, drastically hindering Spotify’s capabilities. Therefore I need to find something CD based… I did get hold of a REALLY old copy of Grace Jones – Island Life a few days ago, and some classic Faith No More. Might give those a blast, but I’m dying to give the Tame Impala album a listen to, seeing as everybody seems to be raving about them at the minute.

Either way, time to schlep through the snow, see you on the other side!