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Awards and London

Last week I won the award for the most raucous celebration after the announcement of the Bauer Show of the Year nominations.
Before we get to that, I’ll tell you about the fun we’ve had leading up to it all. Alas, here we go, whilst I crunch on my Sula fruit mix. Sugar free.
I work on OJ Borg’s Hometime show on Key103, last year we had a right laugh working on bits and pieces for the show. One of my favourite but cumbersome features to produce was the House of Pain, pitting local rivalries against each other in the a physical battle for bragging rights. Whilst the nation enjoyed Bake-Off, we had the Key10-Tea Afternoon and the Key103-Tea-Mergency Services running to the rescue of those continuing to work in the rain!…we had a great year full of features and continually learning. I worked as many hours under the sun and fitted uni work in around Key103, which suited me.

Food update. Sula fruit mix have been devoured. I’ve found Turkish Delight from Christmas, still uneaten, which is sugar-coating my keyboard as we speak.
To progress the tale, I put together our awards entries for the various industry awards at the start of the year. I put in my own Cropredy Festival documentary too. Took absolutely ages to put these entries together, and I did so with hope but not massive expectation.
Key103 are owned by Bauer, and they have a huge internal Bauer awards party in May where all the stations from around the group put in for various things.
Last week was that very party. I awoke at 7, made for Manchester Piccadilly train station and got aboard. Gin’O'Clock arrived, and then we had our own Anchorman quiz, making up our own questions. ‘What was a bad choice? Milk.’ We also attempted to name, in chronology, the James Bond films. We’re so middle-class aren’t we?..we arrived into Euston and got aboard a coach. I was bewildered at this point with the scale of the event and couldn’t believe I was a part of it. We arrived at the Park Plaza on Westminster Bridge. It’s a lovely part of town and it looks even nicer with the sunshine! Blazers off, we toddled inside to the drinks reception where I necked my first drink of the day- a lemon Vodka martini – and basked in the sadness of Q Radio’s demise with Kev, who also present(ed) on the station.

It was awesome to have the whole radio sector of the company in one room, about 1000 people. All downing Vodka Martinis. A few drinks in, we made our way to the… what do you call it? Awards room? Main room? Function room? It’s a little more than a ‘function room’ – loads of tables seating the various stations, TV cameras filming everything, big bad graphics, my old boss doing the deep voiceover, a neon blue night that made you feel as if you were in the engine bay of a car from 2Fast 2Furious, and silver troughs of wine and beer on each table.

We sat down, got treated to a 3 course meal consisting of the best cut of the cow, a chargrilled courgette and a tiramisu with raspberry coolie. I’m a student. My plate was soon cleared and I made for the pick’n'mix.
Talking of food, I’ve just found Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups (also from Christmas). I’m home for the weekend and this stuff just hasn’t been devoured. I’m amazed.
The awards began and Key103 soon picked up some nominations, to the delight of all close by. Then the Show of the Year category popped up, and believe it or not Key103 Hometime with OJ got a nod! I  leapt out of my seat as if my team had just scored a goal in the Champions League Final and flung my arms in the air. A little over-reaction I think. But who cares, I was delighted. Hard work had received some recognition. Although we didn’t win, I felt so chuffed that we’d got noticed, really proud to be part of the show and to have had a big hand in the entry.
We’ll win it next year for sure.

The awards finished, drinks continued flowing, and then the afterparty begun. I nipped off to Covent Garden at this point to meet my mate and have some dinner. We put the world to rights over a gin and tonic, then set off in search of a pint in Soho. Bad move being the bank holiday weekend. We retreated to homely vibes of a pub on Baker Street for another G&T. All in all, a very successful day, which left my brain absolutely shattered. It’s one thing drinking all day, it’s another to drink and socialise all day. Anyhow, we’ll be doing exactly that x5 days at Glastonbury. wheeeyyyyyy, roll on Glasto.
The following morning we headed to Golden Square for a coffee and a cinnamon bun in the Nordic Bakery. I am going to build a Nordic Bakery next to my flat and have a cinnamon bun and a coffee every morning. My taste buds danced all the way back to Manchester.