Ttfn deadlines

The last few months have been a relentless onslaught of assignments and work, which on the face of it sounds incredibly negative and overwhelming. Work aside (which has obviously been awesome – Key103′s Mission Christmas; producing breakfast; and going out with a bang on one Hometime show, then having a right good time on the new one – what better), I’ve been schlepping through assignments one after another in year 3 semester 1.

I can’t believe there’s only a few months left of uni altogether – it was only yesterday my new flatmate was hanging from his fingertips from a pillar-ledge in 5th Avenue, sloshed. It was only the other day my living revolved around a communal kitchen, a box of a shower and a bed that had more storage than leg-space.

One of the modules from this past semester was called Professional Practice and meant putting together a CV, an online portfolio and reflecting on work outside of assignments. It was a really useful time to reflect on some of the wonderful things that have happened since moving to Manchester, because there’s no doubt Uni life has dealt me bags of confidence, good times, eye-opening experiences and creativity. Putting a fresh CV together gave me an opportunity to look back at the modules I’ve completed so far at uni: things like video production, where I recreated a scene from Sex, Lies & Videotape in Booths cafe…..the awkward scene where the dude declares he’s impotent; audio post-production, where I raided the shed to find as many sfx as I could to recreate the audio of a scene from Up!; pre-recorded radio documentaries; live radio producing; loads of theory that was mind-numbing at the time but actually very interesting looking back; and I’ve just submitted a module that involved producing three hour-long speech shows.

Things go wrong... 4 words - Blue Screen Of Death. Perfect.

Things go wrong… 4 words – Blue Screen Of Death. Perfect.

Producing Kish Underhill – the first and final live radio assessed show

It’s so easy when you’re in the throes of assignments to be critical of ‘the system’ and get a bit ratty with the workload… but taking a few steps back to reflect on what I’ve learnt and how ‘into’ the work I’ve gotten has reminded me how much the hard-work pays off and I see how I better myself with every passing deadline.

Last week saw the conclusion of this semester three modules and the relief to get them submitted was immense. I’ve got one more module – the final documentary, the big daddy module when it comes to the final grade – and I’m looking back over a fond 2 and a half years of learning and experimenting. I feel set for the onslaught of this doc… so ttfn deadlines, see you in June.

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